The event, scheduled for 10-11 March, 2020, was postponed to the month of June, following the prevention guidelines indicated by the Ministry of Health and the Veneto Region, due to the spread of the virus COVID-19.


Katrin Bove is a self-made-woman entrepreneur, editor of the magazines Ore12 Economia and Ore12 Sanità. In the publishing field since 1998 she has initially cooperated with two Roman publishing houses and since 2009 she has undertaken business activity with the journalistic support of Pietro Romano, editor in chief of the newspapers, creating together a magazine of economic and financial sector and subsequently developing the line health economic editorial. In the light of her specific knowledge in the field, we decided to explore with her the theme of the biomedical linked to communication.


What do you think about Innovabiomed?
“Certainly there was a need for a national reference event for the biomedical industry. But also an international projection aligned with the industry tenure was needed. In the meantime the chosen venue, Verona, meets this need, thanks to its geographical position and for the quality of the infrastructure, as well as for the services guaranteed by the Fair that hosts the event, which can also guarantee the promotion of the core business and business related to biomedical “.

How communication may effectively help this industry?
“We must communicate and be able to communicate, communication is the glue of the world. To highlight, to spread and to narrate, has within it something poetic and extraordinary. Communication, especially in such sensitive sectors, should be managed with ethics and professionalism without journalistic sensationalism, must be able to create effective circuits of movement between research, development and trade. Being able to make known and understand the innovations of the biomedical is equivalent to giving hope and potential quality of life better “.


The article will be published, full size, on Innovabiomed Magazine, the official house organ of the event, on 23rd and 24th January at Veronafiere.