Pubblicato in data January 3, 2018

The event, scheduled for 10-11 March, 2020, was postponed to the month of June, following the prevention guidelines indicated by the Ministry of Health and the Veneto Region, due to the spread of the virus COVID-19.


A few days before the end of 2017, the year that defined the organization of the first edition of Innovabiomed, Alberto Nicolini, President of the RPM Media srl Group, an organizational partner with Veronafiere, as well as the Editor of the Biomedical District and Innovabiomed Magazine portal, has released a comment on the event: “Innovabiomed’s first innovation is Innovabiomed itself, and therefore the fact of being there is a strong signal of innovation orientation that the involved companies have sent to the biomedical industry. It is not a traditional fair, but a network-place where to develop relationships between the producers of medical devices and devices and the companies that in this sector want to propose themselves for today’s innovations and to collaborate with those of tomorrow.

The scientific community teaches us that the results are obtained when subjects with different specializations are able to combine their knowledge. In our small way we have tried to create a place that favors this combination. Innovabiomed is also aimed at the world of research and training, an essential development factor for the competitiveness of the sector but, more generally, for the growth of Italy.

Our country is in great need of it, and this is why the institutions are called upon to play an integral and essential role in this competitive challenge, and we are encouraged by the support and motivation they have given to Innovabiomed “.

In the photo, Alberto Nicolini and Dr. Mario Veronesi, founder of the Mirandola Biomedical District.