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A few days before the end of 2017, the year that defined the organization of the first edition of Innovabiomed, Alberto Nicolini, President of the RPM Media srl Group, an organizational partner with Veronafiere, as well as the Editor of the Biomedical District and Innovabiomed Magazine portal, has released a comment on the event: “Innovabiomed’s
As already highlighted during these months Innovabiomed offers a different formula compared to the traditional trade fairs, it is an event strongly focused on innovation designed to encourage networking opportunities and the development of relationships among operators in the industry. To enhance this important feature we announce that during the two days of the event
Cyber risk today threatens the most critical strategic asset of any size of business and information properties. Production and consumption of goods and services take place increasingly in the space bounded by digital technologies and network connections.   The value of a business is, nowadays, highlighted not by the physical assets exposed in the financial
Last week we have reached Luca Zaia, President of the Veneto Region for a discussion on Innovabiomed. In the interview that has kindly released us, we have dealt with important topics such as innovation, business and the future. Innovabiomed and the Veneto Region: can we already draw a future forecast on this partnership that has
The whole theme of the workshop that R.B. Srl will present at Innovabiomed addresses the injection molding together with the dimensional control, the reduction of deformations by means of conformal cooling circuits (slm) and the reduction of post-molding imperfections.   Specifically, a corporate case will be presented on a medical component produced by injection molding
New materials to made biocompatible cables in the medical field. This is the topic of the workshop that Lemo will deal at Innovabiomed.   The Northwire’s BioCompatic® cable will be presented, the company was acquired by Lemo in 2014. The BioCompatic® cable is a cost-effective solution, a perfect option for single or reusable applications, particularly
Less than a month before the first edition of Innovabiomed – the network place for medical industry – also Nicola Sartor, Rector of the University of Verona, expressed his point of view on the event: “Innovabiomed stands out to put in close contact the main actors of innovation: those who perform basic research and those
His will be the main topic at the workshop that Prof. Filippo Alongi, Director of the U.O.C. of Oncological Radiotherapy of the Sacro Cuore Don Calabria hospital in Negrar (Verona), will provide during Innovabiomed.   The Don Calabria Institute uses the latest technological equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer diseases. In particular, Oncology
The “Città della Speranza” IRP is chaired by Prof. Giuseppe Basso, a pediatrician known internationally for his studies on lymphoblastic and myeloid leukemia, Director of the Pediatric Oncohematology Clinic in Padova and Full Professor of Pediatrics at the Faculty of Medicine of ‘University of Padova, directed by Prof. Antonella Viola, world-renowned immunologist and Professor of