Missing just two months before the first edition of Innovabiomed, then Dr. Carlo A. Adami, Prof. Gino Gerosa and Prof. Giampaolo Tortora, members of the Scientific Committee of the event, would like to highlight the main topics which will feature at the new network place for medical industry which will take place at Veronafiere on January 23 and 24, 2018.


“The Innovabiomed Scientific Committee, thanks to a huge medical and specialist experience gained over the years either in Italy and abroad throughout the most advanced fields of research and medical technology, self committed to bring the range of technical innovation -Scientific science in an environment such as the Verona Fair to present and share what’s the most modern, feasible and innovative is currently available in the biomedical field”.


Innovabiomed is therefore addressed to all interested realities, not just medical and specialist extraction, but also the world of production and “ideas”, which can play a decisive role in extending the horizons of what until recently it was pertinent only of the medical class. Managers, engineers, physicists, chemists, researchers, lawyers, economics and finance professionals and, more generally, all relevant operators interested in the subject are invited to visit in Verona on January 23 and 24, 2018 to discuss, see, evaluate and realize what will be previewed by both prominent speakers and companies specializing in the field.


This field is recognized as one with continuous evolution and it is with great ambition and consistency that Innovabiomed wants to set, together with all the involved players, a new starting point for a fascinating and driving sector, which sees Italians as protagonists world-wide.


We do look forward to see you in Verona trusting the new as already a reality.




The Innovabiomed Scientific Committee.
Carlo A. Adami; Gino Gerosa; Giampaolo Tortora