Confapi Sanità puts toghether companies from different sectors such as medical device manufacturers, rehabilitation and physiotherapy centers, image analysis and diagnostic laboratories, orthopedic and health companies, private organizations and companies that deal with complementary services, all sharing a single reference area: the people and the main Public stakeholders, namely the Region and the State.


Confapi Sanità will actively contributes at Innovabiomed with the workshop “Social Innovation and Human Welfare”, an opportunity for updating and involvement for companies in the regional and national territory in the technical, managerial and entrepreneurial topics, encouraging networking and the development of relations among the full range of operators in the industry.


As a matter of fact, through case studies and testimonies from the biomedical and healthcare entrepreneurial world, we will face problems and perspectives of development related to health, economy and work for future Italy, also paying attention to the resources and opportunities offered to today’s businesses.