Pubblicato in data December 13, 2017

Nadir, a company committed to the development of innovative atmospheric plasma technology and in the development of advanced polymer composites, will contribute at Innovabiomed with the workshop “H2020 European Project” FAST “(GA n.685825)”.

The company is currently involved in the development of a new hybrid 3D printing technology for the production of implants and bone scaffolds supported by the European project H2020 FAST “Functionally Graded Additive Manufacturing Scaffolds by Hybrid Manufacturing”.

The aim of the project involves the integration of both Nadir technologies: a new biologically active nanocomposite polymer for 3D printers and a new plasma jet device for the surface functionalization of the printed polymer.

Paolo Scopece, CEO, Nadir S.r.l., will illustrate in greater details to Innovabiomed’s audience the integration of an innovative cold plasma technology and bioactive polymer compounds in 3D printing of bone scaffolds.