Pubblicato in data January 3, 2018

The event, scheduled for 10-11 March, 2020, was postponed to the month of June, following the prevention guidelines indicated by the Ministry of Health and the Veneto Region, due to the spread of the virus COVID-19.


Last week we have reached Luca Zaia, President of the Veneto Region for a discussion on Innovabiomed.

In the interview that has kindly released us, we have dealt with important topics such as innovation, business and the future.

Innovabiomed and the Veneto Region: can we already draw a future forecast on this partnership that has just begun?
“The event to be held in Verona in January is the best answer to the question. We believe in it to the end, both because it is the new frontier of health – and of new frontiers the Veneto health care – and because the health technologies, medical devices in the broadest sense of the term, represent a growing sector, highly innovative and dynamic even in prices, in which Veneto wants to be a protagonist. Finally, let’s not forget that the comet star of our health system is the citizen, who pays taxes (too many even if not imposed by the Region which is the only one in Italy not to have the additional income tax) and has the right to receive the services you need. In this sense, innovation is a crucial issue to ensure fair access to care, quality assistance and at the same time system sustainability, both national and regional “.

The article will be published, full size, on Innovabiomed Magazine, the official house organ of the event, on 23rd and 24th January at Veronafiere.