Highly biocompatible animal tissues for the production of implantable bioprosthetic devices with improved durability. This will be the title of the workshop that Biocompatibility Innovation will present at Innovabiomed.


Biocompatibility Innovation is a startup based in Padova that has developed a treatment capable of improving the biocompatibility degree of animal tissues for bioprosthetic use in humans. It is committed to the development of technologies applicable to biological tissues used in the manufacture of implantable biomedical devices with particular regard to tissues of animal origin intended for the manufacture of cardiac valvet bioprosthesis (CVB). The current CVB’s are subject to the calcific dystrophy evolution that limit their duration over time. The treatment developed by BCI, applied to commercial CVB’s, showed in-vitro how it is possible to obtain a reduction of the calcification degeneration together with a better resistance to oxidative and degradation processes. The treated tissues undergo a reclamation from the alpha-Gal epitope, an antigenic determinant found as to be responsible for the evolution of the calcific processes to the detriment of the tissues constituting the bioprosthesis.


Therefore BCI will illustrate and share in details with its guests the growing need for biocompatible bioprostheses in the modern clinical practice.

Enrico Albertini – Moderator – Professional Journalist of Blum Communication and Spokesperson of the Rector of the University of Padova;
Filippo Naso – Scientific Director at Biocompatibility Innovation;
Alessandro Gandaglia – General Director of Biocompatibility Innovation;
Danilo Raffaele Villalta – Head of the Medical SSD Allergology and Clinical Immunology, Santa Maria degli Angeli Hospital, Pordenone
Michele Spina – Expert of the Extracellular Matrix of the Cardiovascular System, Senior Scholar University of Padova.